Into the Dark(Brenna Spector #2)

Into the Dark(Brenna Spector #2)

  • Author: Alison Gaylin
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  • Edition Language: English

  • I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book on Goodreads. So, first of all I want to say Thank You to Goodreads, the author and publisher.I also hope Im not committing some kind of faux pas by posting the review before the book is released.

    However, I just couldnt sit on it that long. This book is not to be missed.Brenna,is a private Detective, mother of a 13 year old daughter, divorced, and lives with a condition that causes her to remember every moment of every day in vivid detail. However, her memories of childhood remain fuzzy before the disapperance of her sister, Clea.Now, a web sensation calling herself Lula Belle, begins repeating phrases that Brennas mother used, and telling stories about her childhood that mirror Brennas memories.

    Could Lula Belle be her missing sister?When Brenna is hired by her former boss to look into the case, Brenna becomes as obsessed as the men addicted to watching Lula Belles performances.

    One lead takes her to another lead, to a murder, then another murder. Brenna herself becomes a target as she gets too close to the truth.I love this trend of mixing literary prose with the mystery novel. Download Into the Dark(Brenna Spector #2) This is a dark, moody, mystery/psychological thriller combined with a rich, lush prose that sucks you into the story so deeply you dont even realize youve read half the book already.Brennas hyperthymesia (or something like that),is a blessing and a curse.

    It is useful as a PI, but mostly, it causes her to go off into her own world as she relives each detail of her memories. This makes Brenna a very interesting character. Her personal and professional lives are often difficult to balance. In this case its even more personal. Brenna hopes to find answers to the questions that have haunted her all these years about her sister. I think we should be keeping our eyes on this author. I see this author hitting the best seller list in the future.

    This a very good mystery and then some.I believe this is the second Brenna Spector novel. I went to and ordered the first book right after I finished this one.

    . This one gets an A!