Modern Chess Combinations: April, May, June 2016 (Quarterly Chess Tactics)

Modern Chess Combinations: April, May, June 2016 (Quarterly Chess Tactics)

  • Author: Roman Jiganchine
  • Type: PDF file
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  • ASIN: B01LY76MHR
  • Edition Language: English

  • This publication is a collection of over 150 best combinations played by strong chess players in tournaments that took place in the second quarter of 2016. To see the solution for the combination – go to the next page in your e-reader.

    This book is the sixth in the Quarterly Tactics series, which provides instructive tactical positions from the most recent top chess tournaments. Quarterly Chess Tactics will allow you to * Follow the recent games of top grandmasters * Improve your game * Study combinations any time and anywhere * Enjoy a collection of annotated puzzles that you have not seen in any other tactics books * Maintain regular practice by solving several puzzles every day For the purpose of this collection, the author used Mikhail Botvinniks definition of a combination, which defines it as a forced maneuver or maneuvers combined with a sacrifice, as a result of which the active side gains an objective advantage.

    All the puzzles have been carefully checked to ensure the correctness and uniqueness of solutions, so the reader can be certain that there is only one winning continuation in each position.

    The highlight of this edition is the series of blitz and rapid games that were played by the worlds top players in several events across the world and on the Internet (Grand Chess Tour, championship and others).

    As a result the tactics are easier to spot because in blitz games even the best players make mistakes and allow elegant combinations, which they would have prevented in classical time controls.