Pounding Pamela: How a Cam Girl Seduced a Fitness Instructor

Pounding Pamela: How a Cam Girl Seduced a Fitness Instructor

  • Author: Amanda Marx
  • Type: EPUB format
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  • ASIN: 9781370218875
  • Edition Language: English

  • Pam meets Kevin while moving into her new apartment. When he offers to help lift some boxes she admires the type of body only a fitness instructor could have.

    However, she has a secret. Download Pounding Pamela: How a Cam Girl Seduced a Fitness Instructor Pam is a highly paid cam girl and indie porn producer. Her new home has town bedrooms. One is for private use, and the other is public — where she films her naughty escapades. She wants Kevin, but she faces a dilemma. Which bedroom does she take him into? The public one or the private one?Warning! This 4000+ word short story contains graphic depictions of explicit sex. It is only meant for mature readers.Excerpt:Once the elevator door, opened Pam led him over to her door and led him in.

    Kevin sat at the same place on the sofa he did last time. She placed the Irish whiskey on her coffee table, went into the kitchen, and returned with two glasses filled with ice. She also brought a one liter bottle of water. She poured them both what amounted to double shots and filled the rest of the cold water.Kevin noticed that her bedroom door was open. The other one – where she kept all of her lingerie and her computer – wasn’t.

    “If you live alone, why do you need two bedrooms?”“Freelance writer. Remember? That’s my office.” Oh, how she yearned to get all of his muscles in front of camera.“Oh, gotcha.” He took a sip of his drink. “It’s the same with me. I will spare you the drama; everybody on this floor thinks I am a lady’s man. You will likely see a lot of women coming and going from my place.” He held up his hands. “It’s not what you think.

    They are private clients, and I have set up a small gym in my second bedroom. ““Really? I never noticed.” She lied. “What does your girlfriend think of that?”He looked at her in a way that suggested both heat and tension.

    “I don’t have one.”Pam laughed out loud. “Yeah, right.”“No, really.”“Come on.“I moved into this place about five months ago because I broke up with my live-in boyfriend.”Pam took a sip of her whiskey and water to hide her frown. Shit, she thought. Shit, shit, shit. Her instincts about people were usually spot on, and they were telling her he was attracted to her.

    All of the eyeballs on her boobs in the elevator screamed it. How could he be gay? How? Fuck, she thought. Fucking hell! Now he wouldn’t end up in either her public or private bedroom. There was no bedroom for him at all. Pam took a few my sips to keep hiding her frown. When she regained composure, she put the glass down.A serious look came across his face. “I’m bisexual.”And that’s when Pam’s emotional roller coaster resumed.

    Now, everything back on the table …