A Love Worth Dying for

A Love Worth Dying for

  • Author: Veronica Malone
  • Type: read online
  • Pages: 182 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781519482365
  • Edition Language: English

  • Patrice and Justin have known each other since they even knew how to walk. Their fathers were best friends, even having their first born children within the same year. As we know, all good things must come to an end. This is the case when greed causes loyalty lines to become blurred, and jealousy rears its ugly head.

    In a sad turn of events, Patrice and her younger brother Patrick are left without parents. The cause was their God father, who happens to be Justins father.

    Mrs. About A Love Worth Dying for Miller is a wealthy woman living alone when she comes across their case. Unable to get them out of her head, she takes them and gives them a new identity. The heart and brain are two organs that dont forget. No matter how blessed Patrice is now, one thing still burns in her heart, revenge. With the help of Witness Protection, Patrice doesnt look the same anymore. Justin is all grown up now, and he turns his share of heads too.

    Justin is immediately drawn to this mystery lady the moment he sees her. After two months of cat and mouse games, Justin finally approaches her on her birthday.

    Completely going out of his character, he begs for a date until she agrees. Sparks fly fast and for the first time ever, Justin is considering putting a ring on a womans hand and being a one woman man.

    There is only one catch. Patrice is a woman with secrets. Being a man with street smarts, he knows that she is hiding something big, but he finds himself continuing to fall. However, Justin is watching her closer than she thinks. Patrice has the perfect plan for revenge and as the opportunity becomes closer she finds herself struggling with one thing. She has fallen in love with Justin. Will she stay strong enough to complete her plan and avenge her fathers death?

    Or will love heal her heart and conquer all?