Sally Gets Spanked: A MMF Threesome Tale

Sally Gets Spanked: A MMF Threesome Tale

  • Author: Amanda Marx
  • Type: eBook type file
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  • ASIN: 9781370755530
  • Edition Language: English

  • Sally house sits for a wealthy friend for a month. She thinks it would be a good way to get away from the world and think up new fashion designs for her company. About Sally Gets Spanked: A MMF Threesome Tale However, she is constantly distracted be her new gay neighbors.

    The have are constantly having sex by their pool. Sally knows this because shes been watching through a peephole in the fence. One day, she gets caught. As it turns out, the couple is bisexual, not gay, and the two handsome men find new ways to punish her.Warning! This 4000 word short story contains graphic depictions of rough sex between consenting adults. Its intended only for mature readers.Excerpt:“Hey, Chad. Pull that off. Her bare ass really needs to feel this.”All of a sudden, Sally’s white bikini bottoms were forcibly torn off.

    She felt so exposed, so vulnerable to these two guys she didn’t know. Part of it made her feel totally enthralled.“Oh,” the younger man said, “she’s ready. Hit her again. Teach her a lesson.”Again, she felt a powerful swat. The force of it sent the rest of her body lurching forward a little. The water beaded on her buttock made it sting even worse. Sally was sure there was a bright red hand print forming. She felt another strong hand against her buttocks, right over the same impact area as before.

    It stung, and then it tingled. There was a third hand, and Sally winced at the immediate pain, but she thoroughly enjoyed the tingles once that pain receded.“This is too good for her,” the older man said. “I bet she gets off on this stuff. You spank her, too.”And thatРІР‚в„ўs when the real beating started …