Spirit and Soul: A Journey

Spirit and Soul: A Journey

  • Author: Peter Mokhatas
  • Type: DjVu format
  • Pages: 244 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781524538262
  • Edition Language: English

  • By all accounts, Dr. Jonathan Isaac Holt lived a terrific life. He was a distinguished professor and best-selling author, was greatly respected in his field, and was blessed with a wife and a child. About Spirit and Soul: A Journey However, under the surface, a cauldron of emotions stirred within him.

    Years before, he walked away from his true love, leaving him detached from the accomplishments that otherwise surrounded him. This detachment had a profound effect on his family, leaving Brenda, his wife, and Jean Louise, his daughter, to wonder what had become of their family. Tragedy struck when an accident took Brenda and Jean Louises lives, shattering any semblance of happiness that remained within him. While enduring immense grief, unfamiliarity, and longing for his lost past, he entered a deep state.

    When he emerged, he found himself somewhere he had never been before. Standing before him was Dante Alighieri, the supreme poet. Dante reveals to Dr. Holt that he will be taking him on a spiritual pursuit in heaven, reversing his role from Divina Commedia to become the attendant for Dr. Holts sojourn. Spirit and Soul: A Journey tells the story of Dr. Holts past, seen through multiple points of view, as it has brought him to the point he is at today and intertwining with revelations about the very nature of existence, both in the physical and spiritual worlds.

    Dr. Holt will be learning about lifes deep-seated mysteries, among them the nature of love, sin, free will, religion, faith, the Holy Spirit, and the meaning of life.