Stealing Taffy(Bigler, North Carolina #3)

Stealing Taffy(Bigler, North Carolina #3)

Stealing Taffy(Bigler, North Carolina #3)


Susan Donovan

  • Author: Susan Donovan
  • Type: PDF file
  • Pages: none
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  • ASIN: 9781515963202
  • Edition Language: English

  • Ten weeks in a swanky Arizona rehab center and Tanyalee Newberry, AKA Taffy, is ready to give up everything that isnt good for her-her forgery habit, taking (i.e., stealing) things that dont belong to her, and, of course, men.

    But when her flight home gets rerouted, she finds herself in a hotel room with her smoking-hot travel companion. One night together is all it should have been.

    But passion is oh-so sweet . . . Special Agent Dante Cabrera has been duped at his own love-em-and-leave-em game by this so-called Taffy. About Stealing Taffy(Bigler, North Carolina #3) To forget she ever existed, Dante buries himself in his work . . . until a case leads him to North Carolina and, impossibly, right back to her. He has no business messing around with this felonious femme fatale, especially one who could be in more danger than she thinks.

    But Dante also knows theres more to her than great looks and hot nights-a soul-searching woman who wants to amend for her past sins.

    Is he ready to take their desire to the next level and steal Taffys heart?