Sum of Rebus

Sum of Rebus

  • Author: L. A. Braun
  • Type: eBook type file
  • Pages: 130 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B01LN1H4ZI
  • Edition Language: English

  • Readers have been demanding a ‘Just the facts, MaРІР‚в„ўamРІР‚в„ў book that would introduce them to the real truth of the PhilosophersРІР‚в„ў Stone.

    This is it. Book Sum of Rebus Is the Philosophers Stone real? Yes, it is a tangible, scientifically verifiable thing and its wisdom is plain and simple in this book. This is the long-awaited nutshell compilation of the rebus picture words illuminating the Philosophers Stones wisdom.

    It explains what the ancients really knew about the Transformation Process of the conversion of Mercury to Gold. Had the secret sacred knowledge of the amount of electrons in each element been known thousands of years ago and embedded in the Masters Art?

    Were the answers hidden in the rebus puzzle words? That is what the most famous alchemy texts had told us. Grab a latte and enjoy this concise but comprehensive summary of the evidence supporting that hypothesis. Step aboard this enchanted mystery ship for a quick journey through the abbreviated basics of the PhilosophersРІР‚в„ў Stone.

    Utilizing an extravaganza of vibrant illustrations from historyРІР‚в„ўs most eminent artists, this book first highlights the fine points of the fundamentals and then acquaints the readers with the history and overall canons of the PhilosophersРІР‚в„ў Stone. The readers embark upon a brief nutshell tour through the real secrets. By carefully piecing together the scattered clues, they will be brought nearer to the closely guarded message hidden deep inside the deliberately obscured texts.

    There is a message hidden in the picture word puzzles. Only this author exposes the true intent of the ancient alchemists, fishing out the actual concealed message from the muddy pond of hints and innuendo. The Art had been used for a very specific purpose—and readers are guaranteed to be surprised with the deciphered end result.

    This book is a fast paced thriller that decrypts real clues in the artwork and riddles of the Masters. Upending the apple cart on what should be found within the alchemy riddles, the author has ferreted the secret message out from the picture word puzzles.

    The message isnРІР‚в„ўt what anyone expected. In effect, the end result creates a paradigm shift on how the most famous ancient artifacts should be considered. Surprisingly, there really had been hidden secrets in the artwork and relics related to the concept of the Transformation Process–and they all point to the secret sacred knowledge of the amount of electrons in each element of Mercury and Gold having been known thousands of years ago.