E E Doc Smith

  • Author: E E Doc Smith
  • Type: Mobi type
  • Pages: 294 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781537563466
  • Edition Language: English

  • ONE MAN DISCOVERED THE TRUTH-The Fall of Rome, the Wars that racked the world, mass murder and horror….Men thought they were historical accidents, human nature. But each one was a move in a Universe-wide battle-and the men who suffered and died were the big chessmen.Finally, one man discovered the truth-and faced his strange destiny in the ultimate struggle for control of the Universe. Show Excerpt ender, and your planet will be allowed to serve us.

    Refuse, or even hesitate, and every individual of your race shall die. Worm? Masters? Land my ship? The young Arisians thought was pure curiosity, with no tinge of fear, dismay, or awe. Surrender?

    Serve you? I seem to be receiving your thought without ambiguity, but your meaning is entirely…. Download Triplanetary Address me as Your Supremacy, the All-Highest directed, coldly.

    Land now or die now–this is your last warning. Your Supremacy? Certainly, if that is the customary form. But as to landing–and warning–and dying–surely you do not think that I am present in the flesh? And can it be possible that you are actually so aberrant as to believe that you can kill me–or even the youngest Arisian infant?

    What a peculiar–what an extraordinary–psychology! Die, then, worm, if you must have it so! the All-Highest snarled, and launched a mental bolt whose energies were calculated to slay any living thing.

    Enphilistor, ho