Twisted Threesome: Bound in the Rink

Twisted Threesome: Bound in the Rink

  • Author: P.N. Books
  • Type: Mobi type
  • Pages: 595 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B01LVX9D38
  • Edition Language: English

  • Get THREE hot and steamy threesome romance short stories with a collection of 15 bonus romance stories inside! Fleet Desires in the Rink –Threesome MMF Military and Ice Hockey Romance Private Brandon Smith has just been invited to his first formal as a Marine. Staff Sergeant Ashley Carter has been one of BrandonРІР‚в„ўs admirers since he joined the Marine Corps and she was the one who invited him to the ball.

    Little does she know, her boyfriend, one of the hottest NHL players around, has been admiring Brandon as well. Ever since she introduced them. When Corey invites Brandon to his hockey game, Ashley encourages it. Book Twisted Threesome: Bound in the Rink She feels like it would be great for Corey to become better acquainted with some of the people she spends the majority of her time with and make some new friends.

    But after the game, things take a wild detour. When Ashley walks in on a sexual encounter between her private and her boyfriend, she’s sick. Fumble so Dribble –Threesome MFM African American Football and Basketball Romance Tiffany is torn between her ex and her current.

    The only thing she and her ex have to hold on to is time. Her current, is everything shes ever wanted in a man, she just cant let go of her past. Now faced with an ultimatum, she uses the powers of a menage to help make her decision. When both men agree, her plan is set into motion.

    But, when trying to decide if her ex and their baggage is worth another shot, or if shes ready to move on with another man, Tiffany gets more than what shes bargained for.

    The decision she should make, then becomes very clear, it’s just a hard one to swallow. When you’ve been in a relationship for too many years, with more downs than ups, you start to question everything. Especially when the people you’ve know the longest, aren’t who they portray to be? Aileen –Menage MFM Alien Romance Aileen Miroki is a woman who graduated recently from one of the country’s most prestigious astrophysics program.

    Having always gone above and beyond, Aileen is invited to test pilot a machine that takes her onto another planet. Upon returning home to Ohio, she learns terrible news about her fatherРІР‚в„ўs death, which leads to her inheritance of the Tower Cadet, a powerful spacecraft that can save mankind.

    Aileen is partnered with two aliens who are the first two creatures she ever met from outer Earth. They are completely sentient—but each a different species.

    The two aliens, Raegnor and Bearyan, quickly become more than comrades on her ship. The three travel across the galaxy and land on the desert planet Woes Г‹an to find two alien life forms running for their lives. If the team can locate a biological nanodevide, they can prevent a future catastrophe from happening on Earth.

    Torn between Bearyan and Raegnor, Aileen can only hope they will escape Woes Г‹an alive. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!