What Is The Purpose of Life? Living Well in an Age of Anxiety

What Is The Purpose of Life? Living Well in an Age of Anxiety

  • Author: Dennis Bradford
  • Type: DjVu format
  • Pages: 109 pages
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  • Edition Language: English

  • Attention all Adults who want to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry by leading a purposeful, satisfying, and balanced life. About What Is The Purpose of Life? Living Well in an Age of Anxiety If you are looking to succeed by ensuring that your life has purpose, then this brand new book by Dennis E.

    Bradford, Ph.D., will enable you to understand clearly how to live well and lead a purposeful life. Everyone can do this. • You can be 18 or 88; age doesn’t matter. • Your sex or sexual preference doesn’t matter.

    • Your religion (if any) doesn’t matter. • Your level of formal education doesn’t matter. • Your level of verbal intelligence doesn’t matter. • It doesn’t require spending money. • It doesn’t require gaining anything that you don’t already have. • In fact, it doesn’t require doing anything at all! Instead, it’s all about letting go of obstructive thoughts that are holding you back. In fact, it’s simple!

    Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have an experienced philosopher like this take you by the hand and explain clearly what is required for living a purposeful life and living well in this age of anxiety.

    Get this book NOW and succeed once and for all reducing anxiety by coming to understand the one requirement for living well. Human beings share a common nature and, instead of fulfilling that nature, we have a tendency to get lost in tasks of secondary importance. ThereРІР‚в„ўs no more reason to feel lost, unsure, or afraid..

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