Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Black and Blue


D.R. Ryan

  • Author: D.R. Ryan
  • Type: DjVu format
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  • Edition Language: English

  • “The eyes were exactly as she had remembered them, cold and vacant, his irises indistinguishable from the colour of his pupils as if they had been swallowed by dark voids of emptiness.

    They were dead of any love, any compassion.”Despite growing up in a world of privilege, Audrey Montgomery has spent most of her life sacrificing her own happiness and catering to her mother’s every demand. This quickly changes, however, when she falls for Logan, a handsome groundskeeper with a modest upbringing.

    Together, they dream of a future where they can be themselves and free of the constraints of their everyday lives……A future that AudreyРІР‚в„ўs mother, Ida, will never allow her to have.Audrey is introduced to Colton- a wealthy businessman who is accustomed to always getting what he wants.

    Humiliated and scorned by AudreyРІР‚в„ўs rejection of him, it becomes evident that Colton will stop at nothing to keep Audrey in his malevolent clutches.Audrey quickly realizes the lengths that both her mother and Colton will take to control her know no bounds. Trapped and at the mercy of those wish her harm, Audrey slowly becomes a hollow, empty shell of her former self.

    Meanwhile, as Logan struggles to free her, he is met by a similar fate, becoming nothing but a sacrificial pawn in ColtonРІР‚в„ўs malicious game- a game he knows he can never win.When all hope seems lost, it begs the question- will love ultimately prevail or are there some forces so strong that they simply cannot be overcome?