Yearly Planner: Fiscal 2016-17 (Office Planner)

Yearly Planner: Fiscal 2016-17 (Office Planner)

  • Author: Dr Angela Moore
  • Type: Mobi type
  • Pages: 44 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B016KW8GDE
  • Edition Language: English

  • The Yearly Planner is for office workers who want to manage their holidays and absences on a chart with functionality to make basic but essential calculations. Included in the e-book is a link to download a copy of an excel file to manage your holidays, and record absences and training.

    This Yearly Planner is for the Fiscal Year (April 2016-March 2017), for up to 25 employees. Book Yearly Planner: Fiscal 2016-17 (Office Planner) Yearly Planner The year is set out in one long row, and there is space for up to 25 people to be recorded on the planner.

    Once you have entered their names and the amount of holiday they are each entitled to during the year, you can begin to record their holidays, training and absence. The planner is designed for people who work office hours. E.g. one shift Monday to Friday. The planner can be used if you work weekends as well. There are four types of activities you can record on the planner; в—ѕH for Holiday в—ѕS for Sickness в—ѕT for Training в—ѕA for Authorised Absence Using these shifts you can see at a glance, how many people will be in the office each day, how much holiday each person has taken and is entitled to, how often they have been sick or absent and the amount of training each person has received during the year.

    These can be for whole or half days. Calculations The planner does a number of calculations for you. You can enter the number of holidays, Bank Holidays and Carry Over of holidays from last year. Then the spreadsheet will automatically calculate how many holidays each person is entitled to during the year.

    As holidays are taken the Holidays Left column will count down. The planner will also add up the number of sickness days, absence days and training days each person has taken during the year. At the top of the planner the number of absences are calculated, and the number of people in complete attendance each day.

    At the bottom of the planner, the Absence and Sickness Rates for the year is automatically calculated for you. The Absence Rate is the number times everyone is sick and absent over the number of times they were scheduled to be in attendance during the year. The Sickness Rate is the number times everyone is sick over the number of times they were scheduled to be in attendance during the year. These are calculated separately so that you can help plan your workload and absence arrangements better in the future.

    Holidays Holidays are always difficult to manage. This planner calculates the number of holidays each person is entitled to and then counts down as holidays and even half days of holiday are taken. This way you can manage your office better. You can see at a glance how many other people are either absent or on holiday each day and how much holiday they are entitled to.

    This will make the choice of accepting or refusing each holiday request quicker. If a person requests too much holiday during the year, they will automatically cause the holiday calculator to turn red but continue counting. This means that if you allow holidays to be brought forward, you can still record the holidays and then enter a negative number in the Holiday Carry Over cell next year.

    Many countries have a minimum holiday requirement. This means that by law, dependent upon the country you are working in, you need to legally ensure that all of your employees take or have the opportunity to take their minimum holiday entitlements. In the UK for example the current minimum holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks.