• Author: Linda C Johnson
  • Type: read online
  • Pages: 104 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781537556727
  • Edition Language: English

  • The highly educated Dr. Theodore Bernard Madison, the intriguing, mesmerizing, and meticulous gentleman intricately skilled in Kinesiology created the Every Muscle Fitness Academy and Every Muscle Fitness Campus; with unprecedented financial support, advisory committee, and private investors comprised of multimillionaires, multibillionaires, and wealthy business leaders.

    His clients, members, and guests became his primary marketing network infused with excellent impact and defining results. Accommodating and inviting is the mauve smooth limestone with impressive landscaping mixture with a careful selection of beautiful healthy trees, plants, and flowers; along with fresh fruit stands graciously positioned all around the facility. The success is astounding, which is beyond the financial projections.

    People tapped into the positive environment enveloped in serenity, tranquility, fitness, and the education of fitness thats exhilarating, fun, and exciting. Book Warm Encountering exciting and fantastic people invited a plethora of people to join with membership an amazing community with vibrant shops, restaurants, and fine exquisite shops all connected with fitness, wonderful people, and the most inviting lifestyle surrounded with a team well-trained and prepared with knowledge, empathy, and .hospitality.

    Finally, a beautifully written story surrounding the most defining, exceptional, and breathtaking community comprised and encompassed with fitness, education, participation, engagement; determination, French pastries, and trusting something warm. Truly, this novel is surprisingly refreshing, incredibly invigorating, and amazingly wholesome. Undeniably, the saturation of incomparable business empowerment, people empowerment; fitness empowerment, and the compelling power of internal true love are simply lovely.

    The contents provoke life-changing essentials as you discover dynamic and impeccably gifted people with hospitable personalities. Unequivocally, this soul-stirring and heartwarming journey is a positive read and the perfect mental collision.

    Prepare to be hugged with riveting literary words as the story unfolds. You are personally invited to laugh, live; embrace the positives, enjoy, and smile feeling the enormous joy.